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Wyatt Matthew Halliwell


Wyatt is often shown at two different ages in Charmed, therefore he's played by three actors. The twins Jason & Kristopher Simmons share the role of Wyatt at the age of 3; the actor Wes Ramsey plays Wyatt at the age of 25 and has been in 4 episodes as opposed to the twins, who are shown in almost every Charmed episode since late season 5.


Wyatt Matthew Halliwell was born on February 2, 2003, the day of the Wiccan Festival of Lights, or Imbolc, as part of an ancient prophecy telling about the birth of a special, 'twice-blessed child' on the day when three planets would align, during a Wiccan sabbat, during the Aurora Borealis where all magic everywhere would cease to exist for one day. Wyatt had become this twice blessed child, and one of the most powerful magical beings ever to walk the Earth. When evil found out about this pregnancy and about the power the child was deemed to possess, a plot was formed to steal the magical child from his parents, Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. They planned to raise Wyatt as a powerful force for evil. Fortunately, the Halliwell Sisters were able to prevent this from happening. Although Piper and Leo already knew before birth that their child was going to be very powerful they hadn't expected him to be so powerful (or that he was going to be a boy). The reaction of evil upon their child shocked them and it made them realize Wyatt would need to be carefully protected.


When Paige installed an evil-alarm to protect Wyatt from demons, Wyatt soon understood that when the alarm went off his parents and aunts came running to him. He then started using his powers to set the alarm off, causing his parents and aunts much stress.


When two demons (Hawker Demon and a mercenary demon) try to steal the newborn baby for a high reward, Paige goes to a Demonic Marketplace to track down and vanquish the ones who hired the mercenaries, but is instead captured herself. Piper is outraged and racked with guilt for not following Paige. She and Phoebe travel to the Market where Piper vanquishes over half of the present demons in anger. Piper is very surprised when the Crone, a prophetic demon, announces that a law will be passed forbidding any further attempts on the child, considering that for evil, the costs of war will far outweigh the benefits. Eventually, the Crone herself tries to steal the child to see his future. However, regardless of all traps and spells, the sisters manage to vanquish the Crone and save Wyatt, but not before the Crone exclaims, "I've seen it all, such power - such power!"


Although his name breaks the Halliwell tradition of having a first name starting with "P", his surname is kept as Halliwell. According to Leo, "It's definitely Halliwell. Demons fear it, good magic respects it". Piper broke the family tradition of "P" names and gave her son the name Wyatt in honor of his father. His middle name is Matthew, in honor of Paige (whose adopted parents had the surname Matthews). He was able to do magic while still in the womb. He could heal his mother's wounds and protected her and himself with a force field and the power of deflection. He knew how to control his mother's powers, and transformed her power of molecular combustion into fireworks and flowers. When Piper was feeling insecure about her pregnancy, Wyatt managed to summon Grams and made her corporeal. And when he sensed the lack of understanding between his parents, he used his powers to switch Piper and Leo's personalities; Leo had to suffer pregnancy symptoms (which also happened in Sand Francisco Dreamin') while Piper had to take on the duties of a Whitelighter (which allowed the audience a brief glimpse of Leo's other charges).


After birth, Wyatt was able to conjure a dragon through watching a show about them on TV, which got him and the Charmed Ones in trouble with the Cleaners. The Halliwell Sisters managed to clean everything up and forced the Cleaners to give Wyatt back. Wyatt is destined to wield the powerful sword Excalibur, but Piper wants to keep her son away from the sword for as long as possible, until he's at least 18 years old. Wyatt was at first untrusting of the Charmed Ones' new Whitelighter, Chris, who happened to be his younger brother from the future. This was ironic, given that Chris had actually returned from the future to save Wyatt. While in the present, Chris protected Baby Wyatt many times, even from Gideon the Elder who was out to 'eliminate' Wyatt.


After Chris's birth, Wyatt started orbing his baby brother all over the place because he felt neglected, and created a demon version of Leo. Leo and Piper managed to talk to him and gave him words of encouragement to get rid of Evil Leo. Wyatt used his healing powers to save Piper from a deadly coma, which scared him; he also saw his father getting stabbed. To protect them, Wyatt shrunk his parents and sent them into a miniature doll house. His parents were later returned to normal size by Paige and Phoebe. After the Charmed Ones faked their own deaths and gave themselves different appearances which everyone saw except their own family members, Wyatt and Chris were left in the care of their grandfather, Victor Bennett.


The future 25-year old version of Wyatt was once summoned to the past (our present) by his mother and Aunt Paige to better understand why he has an imaginary friend. It turned out that the imaginary friend was actually a demon that managed to turn him evil temporarily. He was eventually turned back to good by the comforting words of his father. In the series finale, a glimpse into the future shows Wyatt and his younger brother Chris preparing a vanquishing potion together, a sign that they have taken over the fight against evil for their mother and aunts.


Powers and abilities

In the beginning of season 5 Leo and Piper began worrying about the safety of their child during Piper's pregnancy but they discovered that the baby could heal Piper's wounds from inside the womb.


When Piper is desperate to talk to someone who has experience in raising and carrying a magical baby and is frustrated when she is unable to conjure Grams. During a heated argument with Leo, Grams is somehow summoned in the room and she is corporeal not ghostly or spiritual as she usually appears to be. Grams theorizes that the baby conjured her to help Piper.


When Leo and Piper are having communication problems which have lead the two into arguing constantly. Piper's frustration over Leo not being there more for her pregnancy and Leo feeling as if Piper doesn't understand the importance of his other charges and Whitelighter duties. When Piper and Leo begin arguing again the baby switches their powers as well as giving Leo Piper's pregnancy symptoms so the two could understand how each other feels.


An encounter with a tracker demon leads to the discovery that the baby can shield itself from demonic attacks. When the tracker demon attacks Piper and sends an arrow towards her, the shield deflects it away from her and she is left unharmed. This leads Piper and her family to believe she is invincible.


Wyatt is able to track down and sense Leo and orb himself and Piper to him where he is being held captive.


In one episode Wyatt conjures a dragon from the television which terrorizes the town. In the same episode he manages to use molecular combustion and vanquish the dragon with orbs of light. He has also been observed to conjure a demon in the shape of his father.

It is revealed Wyatt is the heir to Excalibur and the next King Arthur. In the same episode he is seen to be using telekinesis to wield the sword and vanquish the demon who stole it.


When Gideon attacks him with a knife he protects himself by telekinetically orbing the knife away from himself and stabbing Gideon in the shoulder with it. Later in the episode he uses firestarting abilities to vanquish two demons in the underworld.


In Season 8, young Wyatt is also revealed to have the power of projection, when he easily brought his toys to life. This is similar to the kind of power the witch Billie Jenkins has , and it is this power which most likely causes Billie to be known, along with her sister, as the Ultimate Power. The main difference is Billie seems to need an intense amount of concentration to use her projection power, while Wyatt is shown to use it very easily, almost without even thinking about it.


Future Wyatt is also seen to have various other powers, but has never displayed his primary power- force fields. In the future, he was able to throw energy balls and demonstrates vast explosive powers, partially resembling Prue's advanced telekinetic attack in Morality Bites. He is shown to be able to destroy as well as transport multiple demons at a time. He has been seen using prescience to observe the world, and also uses some kind of power to reveal Vicus to Phoebe and Paige.


Unlike most witches on the show, Wyatt has never appeared to have to needed time to "adjust" to his new powers and seems to have control over them from birth. He has the most powers any witch has ever possessed in the whole series, and his many powers seem to be strong to an almost invincible degree.



Wyatt's ability to produce a force-field bubble around himself as an infant is similar to the history of the Marvel Comics character Cable.


Wyatt is believed to be the successor to King Arthur, and he was given the mythical sword Excalibur before he turned a year old.


In an alternate future, Wyatt becomes evil because of being chased by Gideon. He turns the Manor into a museum and rules over all demons.


His brother does not agree with this and goes back to the past to change what is and achieves his goal.


Wyatt is turned to the side of good again and establishes good relations with his entire family and is believed to have children in the future, when he is fighting demons and the Charmed Ones have retired.


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